1. How do I know that my reservation is confirmed with the property?
    Upon making your reservation, you will receive an instant confirmation to your email address. As reservations are made, the property receives a secure link to view and download all reservations in real time; however, hotel sales departments are always working with numerous reservations day-to-day and it may not be inputted into the hotel’s system immediately. The hotel has until the “cutoff date” when rooms are released to enter your reservation into their system. Upon entering into their system, you will receive an additional email with your hotel confirmation number.
  2. The system isn’t allowing me to book as a group?
    In rare cases we can’t get rooms as a block. When this happens, we can set up the system to pull from third party sites like Expedia so that we have rooms to offer you. You can’t book as a team when it’s set up like this.
  3. Do you offer assistance with air travel or ground transportation?
    We partner with the most prestigious travel agency in the region, World Travel, whose agents will assist you in flights, rental cars and even vacations. Please email: [email protected] and we will be happy to assist with these requests.
  4. Is there a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel?
    Some hotels do provide free shuttle services from the airport. This information can be found on the property information page for the specific hotel.
  5. Will I get a free breakfast?
    Most hotels include a free breakfast with each room night booked. That information can be found on the property information page for the specific hotel.
  6. What about parking at the hotel?
    Free parking is provided at most hotels except those located in downtown areas. Check the property information pages for information on parking.
  7. What is the “notes to hotel staff” section on my reservation?
    This space is provided for requests such as rewards numbers, allergies, floor preferences, rollaway beds, early or late checkout and any other special accommodations. Hotels work with high volumes of reservations daily so you will not always be notified if these requests cannot be made. The SSE office is diligent about making sure special requests are noted by the hotel; however, because of the volume of business both our office and the hotels do, oversights are not uncommon. We want to reiterate that special requests are never guaranteed. It is recommended to always remind the front desk at check-in of rewards numbers and special requests. SSE does not take responsibility for special requests not being accommodated, as these are usually accepted based upon availability.
  8. Will my team be blocked together?
    We always request that the team be blocked together; however, it is never guaranteed due to other existing in house guests. Hotels do everything they can to accommodate team blocks. It is important to put your team name on the reservation so that the hotel knows who to block you with.
  9. I would like a rollaway bed.
    Due to fire codes, hotels with double beds do not allow for a rollaway bed. Should you have a non-double room, you can make your rollaway request in the “notes to hotel staff” field when booking your individual reservation. Hotels have a limited number of rollaways, and often charge for them so they are never guaranteed.
  10. I would like a different room type than what is offered?
    Your team manager/travel coordinator can view the room types available when creating your team block of rooms. SSE always encourages that the person in charge of blocking the rooms be mindful of the room types needed to accommodate their team. Often, if the room type is different than what is desired, it is because that was all that was available at the time of booking. You can email [email protected] for additional room types.
  11. What is the policy for complimentary rooms?
    Complimentary rooms are awarded to the tournament for use for officials.
  12. Can I book my room with my rewards points?
    Unfortunately not. Hotels only allocate a specific number of rooms per night for points redemption. You must call the number on the back of your rewards card to book your room with points. If you choose to book with points, it will be booked outside of the group block and you will not receive the same concessions as the rooms booked within the block. If the tournament is “stay to play” your room will not be counted toward the room night minimum per team.
  13. How do I get driving directions to the hotel?
    Google maps is a great resource or calling the hotel directly.
  14. Do hotels have minimum age requirements to book a room?
    Some hotels require a minimum age of 18 in order to book and check into a room. Most require the guest(s) be 21. To find out what your hotel requires it is best to call the hotel directly.
  15. What is your lowest rate guarantee?
    All hotel reservations are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available, at the time of booking, for the dates requested and the same hotel. If you find a lower rate for the same dynamics contact [email protected]. Third party bookings or special event rates do not count towards this guarantee.
  16. How accurate is your hotel amenities information?
    The hotel information is updated by the hotel or hotel chain several times per year. Additionally, we strive to have the most accurate and complete hotel information available, but we must rely on the personnel at the hotel property to update and change information when appropriate. If you have specific requirements we recommend you contact the hotel to validate the amenity or service(s).
  17. What are additional fees and taxes?
    Every city has their own tax rates that are imposed by local, city, state and federal agencies. In some states there are additional flat fees accrued in addition to these taxes. Taxes are computed on the hotel reservation amount and fees charged as predicated by the provider. You will be shown the tax amount due when making your reservation.
  18. What is the service fee?
    The $5.50 service fee is a non-refundable booking fee.
  19. What is the non-refundable deposit for?
    The non-refundable deposit goes toward your room rate. You then pay your room balance at the hotel upon check out plus applicable taxes. Should you cancel one night, that night’s deposit does not go toward the room. Each night’s deposit is its own entity.
  20. What if I have questions about a previous reservation?
    Email [email protected]. Make sure to include your reservation number, name, and where you stayed.
  21. Can I make reservations for someone else?
    You can make a reservation for someone else using our system. Just make sure you include that person’s name and information as the guest. You can have a different name and address for the guest and for the person paying with their credit card.
  22. How do I cancel my reservation?
    You can easily cancel your reservation by clicking on the “cancel” link in your confirmation email. Cancellations can also be done by emailing [email protected].
  23. What happens if the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather?
    Within the SSE contracts with hotels, we have an “Act of God” clause which allows cancellations due to inclement weather. Under normal circumstances, rain constitutes inclement weather. However, in some cities, inclement weather is only severe Acts of God. SSE always strives to make sure you are protected for inclement weather cancellations. However, we cannot guarantee cancellations due to outside decisions made by the tournament director that are not due to the immediate threat of the weather.
  24. Can I switch hotels?
    That depends. We will do our best to accommodate team requests. There are many factors involved in switching hotels and it often works on a case-by-case basis which strongly depends on whether rooming lists have been finalized with the original hotel.
  25. What credit cards do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  26. Who can I contact to help me?
    Should you not find the answer to your questions by reading through our frequently asked questions list, you may contact the office by email or phone.
    1. Email: [email protected]
    2. Phone: 1-800-795-9552

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